Tunisia: Protests Prevent Pet Coke Discharge in Gabès

Gabes’ Industrial Zone seen from the port of Gabès

A sit in which started at the port of Gabès on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, has effectively prevented any vessels from discharging the pet coke which fuels local cement works.

In recent years, serious concerns have been raised about pollution caused by Gabès’ chemical, fertilizer and cement plants.

On 12 March 2019, the Regional Union of Work (Union Régional du Travail) called for an end to all pet coke discharges, the creation of container shipping line, a pollution premium and the organization of an inter-ministerial workshop before the end of this month to find solutions to the problems raised.  The Union claims that the authorities have failed to meet the obligations agreed in past negotiations where pet coke and environmental protection are concerned

At their 19 March meeting, Gabès’ Regional Council also called for an immediate end to pet coke discharge and a sit in at the commercial port’s entrance was organized by various environmental groups.

Budd’s Gabès and Tunis offices confirm that no pet coke has been discharged in Gabès since Tuesday.


Information provided by Budd Tunisia

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