Ivory Coast: Ports Open after Mutiny

Following similar disturbances in January this year, the Ivory Coast once again found itself at the mercy of mutineers over the weekend.

As previously, the mutineers were former rebels who helped to bring the president to power in the 2011 civil war and who claim that they were promised bonuses which have never been paid.

The mutiny started in the mutineers' traditional stronghold, Bouaké, on Friday (16 May) before spreading to the Ivory Coast's main towns.

On Monday, shots were fired in Abidjan's business district, bringing the port and most businesses to a standstill.

Shots were also heard in San Pedro and one person was killed by a stray bullet when the rebels took control of Bouaké.

Despite contradictory reports, our Abdjan office advises that the agreement announced yesterday by the government, only to be denied by the rebels, does seem to have brought peace to the the streets.  The ports of Abidjan and San Pedro, as well as most businesses were working normally this morning (16 May).

Information provided by Budd Ivory Coast.

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