Indonesia: Vessels Prohibited from Passing Under Hasan Basri Bridge, Central Kalimantan

In a communication published by the North Barito Regency district of Central Kalimantan, barges carrying coal and logs of wood have been prohibited from passing under KH Hasan Basri bridge because the Barito River has been running exceptionally high since Sunday, 16 July 2017.

Both loaded and unloaded barges passed were able to sail under the KH Hasan Basri bridge last week when the level of the Barito river was normal but this is no longer possible. The abnormally-high water level is due to heavy rains, in particular in the North of Murung Raya Regency.

On the morning of Sunday (16 July), the Barito river at Muara Teweh was at its highest - 12.00 metres. At such a level, neither barges nor medium-size vessels could sail under the 270-meter-long bridge which was built in 1990. For the time being, river transportation and, in particular, high-tonnage vessels sailing from upstream to downstream are prohibited until the river level falls.

Numerous barges loaded with tons of coal, have been forced to moor alongside the forest banks of the Barito river because they cannot pass under the KH Hasan Basri bridge.

Information provided by Budd Indonesia

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