DR Congo – Peaceful Marches ?

In Kinshasa and a number of other towns in DR Congo,
peaceful protest marches were organised by the Committee of the Catholic Laity (CLC) on Sunday, 21 January 2018, with the aim of encouraging President Kabila to hold the general elections which have been under discussion since his mandate officially ended at the end of 2016.

Police set up roadblocks and reinforcements were deployed to contain the marches.  It is reported that live rounds and teargas were fired at demonstrators, injuring and killing several people.  A number of arrests were also made.  The UN has pledged to send observers to report any “possible human rights violations” or repression of free speech.

None of the demonstrations to date have affected the ports in Matadi or Boma but internet connections were down from 20 January to the night of 23 January.  They are now back to normal.

Similar disruptions were caused in the general strikes of April 2017, as reported here http://www.budd-pni.com/news-art-the-budd-group.asp?ANNEE=2017&offset=20&ID_A=1319.

Information provided by Budd DR Congo

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