Guinea: Protests Intensify

Following the failure of talks between government representatives and the teachers' union, the teachers’ strike which started one month ago today, continues as tensions deepen throughout Guinea.

Schools have been closed ever since the strike started and now pupils and students have taken to the streets to demonstrate their anger.

In Conakry this morning, the main road to the President’s office (Boulevard du Commerce) was blocked by presidential guards to cut off access to angry demonstrators.  There are also power cuts in some areas.

The teachers’ battle for a pay rise is taking place in a context of electoral and political conflict which led to violent rioting and repression last month.

Government opposition has now announced an unlimited general strike from Wednesday, 14 March 2018, to protest against what they describe as "electoral malpractices" by the government.

Budd Guinea reports that travel in Conakry is extremely difficult and many shops and offices are closed.  The port, however, remains open.

In view of the volatility of the situation, crew members are advised to stay on board their vessels for the time being.

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