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We are pleased to advise that, in addition to the P&I, H&M, protecting, emergency, legal and surveying services which Budd has been providing in China for many years, we are now able to place Letters of Guarantee through one of China’s main insurance companies.


Thanks to Budd’s partnership with a highly-qualified network of surveyors all over China, we know how to provide optimal defense of our customers’ interests in all the many Chinese ports, including but not limited to Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, etc.


Our aim is to provide comprehensive legal and surveying assistance in all cases of alleged cargo damage and/or losses, personal injury, pollution, collision or ship arrest.


If an amicable solution is the best option, our legally-trained claims handlers are well-equipped to negotiate cargo claims and LoG’s which are accepted by local claimants and recognized by Chinese courts.


We are confident that the comprehensive experience of our local teams, combined with our company’s long P&I history and the support systems provided by our French head offices throughout the Budd network (e.g. file management supervision, a claims handling database, the Budd App, 24/7 emergency contacts, professional liability insurance, financial and invoicing services) will be of interest to the Clubs as well as the Members.


If you have any queries regarding our services in China and, in particular, our assistance in the placement of LoG’s, please do not hesitate to contact:


Ms Rhea Li

Mobile:  +86 15001934853

Email:rhea.li@budd-pni.com or budd.china@budd-pni.com





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