China Sulphur Emission Control Requirements Updated

Earlier this month, the China Maritime Safety Administration published a further notice on the implementation of the low sulphur fuel requirement in the Emission Control Areas (ECAs).  The ECAs have been expanded to include all Chinese waters, including not only all the coastal ports but also the inland waterways on the Changjiang and Xijiang rivers.

In these ECAs, from 1 January 2019, the 0.5% sulphur cap on fuel used by vessels has been maintained, whilst from 1 January 2020, vessels entering inland ECAs should use fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.1%.

From 1 July 2019, vessels with shore power connection capabilities will use shore power when berthing over 3 hours at a coastal terminal equipped with shore power facilities.  Vessels built after 1 January 2019 should all be equipped with shore connection facilities.

Alternatively, to meet the emission control requirements, vessels are encouraged to use clean and/or renewable energy, exhaust gas cleaning or battery charging solutions.

To avoid any delays or penalties, vessels trading to Chinese ports should respect these regulations.

Vessels should refer any queries to either their local agent or Budd China.

Rhea Li

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