DR Congo: Internet Down

Following the Democratic Republic of Congo’s 30 December 2018 presidential election, Budd’s Kinshasa and Matadi offices have confirmed to us over the telephone that internet connections are either extremely slow or completely down in most of the country.

International media report that the internet clampdown is thought to be a government move to prevent the spread of rumors about the election results and reduce the risk of organized protest movements.

We understand that the internet restriction affects most of the DR Congo’s main towns, including opposition strongholds in the eastern cities of Goma and Lubumbashi.  Mobile networks also appear to have been affected with texting difficulties being experienced.

The country’s past President, Mr Joseph Kabila, has been in office for 17 years and had extended his final term of office by two years.  These long-overdue elections have already sparked civil unrest and controversy to which the electoral commission responded by banning some areas from voting.  The ongoing Ebola outbreak being one of the reasons given.

The election results are due to be announced on 6 January and it is hoped that internet connections will revert to their former state shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, if you require any urgent assistance in the DR Congo, please do not hesitate to contact Budd’s offices in Marseille (+33 491 33 85 33) or Paris (+33 142 56 36 12), and continue copying all emails to general.marseille@budd-pni.com.

Thank you.

Sarah Penwarden
Budd Marseille-Fos

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