DR Congo: Pilot Services Disrupted

Alhough the Compagnie des Voies Maritimes (CVM) announced in the evening of 24 September 2019 that their strike had come to an end, we are receiving reports that pilot services are still disrupted in Matadi and Banana.

DR Congo’s main ports

The strikers ceased work on 18 September 2019 in protest over 22-month pay arrears and inadequate equipment such as dredgers.

Following talks held with the government in Kinshasa on 24 September 2019, the CVM published a statement indicating that their grievances had been heard and that action would be taken.  Officially, the strike was called off.

However, Budd’s Matadi office is still receiving requests for assistance from vessels who have been unable to obtain the pilots which are essential in the local ports.

We are monitoring the situation.

Information provided by Budd DR Congo

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