COVID-19 - Preventive Measures in Rades, Tunisia


Budd Tunisia reports that Rades Merchant Navy has issued a Circular on preventive measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

The circular advises that:

  • All vessels bound for Rades port will be submitted to health service checks on the roads before berthing in the port;
  • Crew members are forbidden to leave the vessel and circulate in the port unless there is an emergency;
  • Shipowners must specify a disinfected area on the vessel where the crew, the authorities, the local agents, and the stevedores may exchange documents.
  • No-one should go on board if there is no necessity.
All people working in Rades port shoud be provided with the preventive equipment necessary to guarantee their safety and protect their health.

The original circular in arabic is to be found here.  Budd Tunisia has also provided their English translation.

We understand that 28 cases have been confirmed in Tunisia to date.

Information provided by Budd Tunisia

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