Senegal: Presidential Elections 24 February 2019

The first round of Senegal’s presidential elections will take place on Sunday, 24 February 2019.

The poll will be the country’s 11th presidential election since independence from France in 1960, and it is predicted that the current incumbent, Senegal’s fourth president, Macky Sall, will win with a comfortable majority.

Two of the strongest opposition candidates, Khalifa Sall (ex-Mayor of Dakar) and Karim Wade (son of ex-President Abdouleye Wade) were excluded from running in the election by the Constitutional Council on the grounds that they had criminal records.

This decision sparked protest movements which were quickly quelled by security forces and remained limited.

Although there are no particular safety concerns surrounding this Sunday’s poll, Budd’s Dakar office recommends that crew members stay inside the port areas and avoid attending public places (bars, night clubs, etc.) during this period.

It is our understanding that rumors that internet could be disconnected are unfounded and vessels should stay in touch with their local agent or P&I Correspondent for any kind of assistance which may be required.

Budd Dakar is on hand 24/7 in case of need:

Elisabeth Ndiaye (Elisabeth.ndiaye@budd-pni.com, Mobile:  +221 77 637 41)

Samba Cor Fall (samba.fall@budd-pni.com, Mobile:  +221 77 636 55 58)

Information provided by Budd Dakar (Senegal)

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