Malaysia-Indonesia Trade Agreement

Talks continue between Indonesia and Malaysia regarding the improvement of their trade agreements, and how they might maximise agricultural and business opportunities over the border.


Bali Volcano Eruption Closes Airport

The volcanic eruption of Mount Agung in Bali caused considerable disruption in the area due to the cloud of volcanic ash which reached as high as 3 km above the summit.


Traffic in and around Lagos ports

The roads surrounding and leading to the town of Apapa, which sits between the two seaports in Lagos, are under lockdown.


Indonesia Weather Warning

BUDD Indonesia would like to inform all Clubs and Members that the weather in the seas around the Indonesian ports is forecasted to be very bad this week


Gabon: New Owendo International Port Increases Capacity and Reduces Costs

Last month, Gabon's President, Mr Ali Bongo, officially inaugurated the New Owendo International Port (NOIP), some 18 kms south of Libreville. The new facility first opened for business in June 2017 and offers a 25% reduction in handling costs while doubling Owendo’s capacity. It provides extended transatlantic opportunities for trade and should result in a reduction in the cost of living for the Gabonese who rely heavily on imported goods.


French Railways Join Forces with Ports

The freight and logistics branch of the French national railways (SNCF Logistics) has decided to develop new partnerships with France’s river and sea ports.


Indonesia: Grounded Cargo Vessel

Following the grounding of a cargo vessel in the Java Sea, “KTC 1”, off Karang Jamuang channel on last Thursday, 5 October 2017, Budd Indonesia wishes to advise the following:


Marine Security in the Gulf of Guinea

The Gulf of Guinea is a vital zone to the international shipping industry, and maintaining its security is in the interests of all African countries and their economies


European Community Court of Justice Clarifies VAT Rules for Direct Services to Vessels

As reported last year, on 1 January 2016, as per the Bulletin Officiel des Finances Publiques-impôts of 12/05/15, French tax law made it mandatory for all companies wishing to exonerate services carried out to meet “the direct needs of vessels and their cargo” from VAT


Guinea: Boké Riots Disrupt Bauxite Transport

When riots first started in the mining town of Boke, Guinea, on 12 September 2017, there was no direct effect on the port of Kamsar.

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