COVID-19: France - Update

Following our 19/03/20 update on the situation in France, the government has recently reinforced confinement measures by requiring all people leaving their homes to carry forms which indicate not only the date and purpose of their outing, but also the time at which they went out.

Some markets, parks and popular walks (seafronts, hill walks etc.) have also been closed to the public, and people going out for exercise are now obliged to stay within a one kilometre radius from their homes.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to make journeys for professional reasons if the work in question cannot be carried out at a distance.

Budd’s staff in France are therefore pleased to be able to continue assisting our clients in the usual manner, both from their home offices or on the ground, as appropriate.

Our surveyors also advise that they have not met with any impediments in carrying out their habitual interventions in France’s Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean ports, not forgetting Paris and receiver's premises throughout France.  Their work does not need to involve any close physical contact with others and any documents they may required can be sent by email, rather than being given to them at the time of the survey.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or on our mobiles in case of need (see our website or the Budd App for full contact details).

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