COVID-19: Tunisia Update - Vessel Disinfection


27 March 2020


Budd Tunisia reports that Tunisian stevedoring companies have introduced a new requirement for vessels berthing in Tunisian ports.


Before commercial operations, professional disinfection is required for all vessel surfaces which stevedores are likely to touch, e.g. hatch covers, gangways, ramps, external container walls, doors etc.


The stevedores have threatened to refuse to intervene on vessels which do not meet this requirement.


COVID-19: Tunisian Borders Closed & Confinement Measures


23 March 2020


Budd Tunisia advises that the government has closed all air, sea and land borders with a view to containing the COVID-19 outbreak.


All ports remain open to cargo vessels but they are closed to passenger vessels. 


Confinement measures have also been introduced with the result that our colleagues in Tunisia are now working from home.


Travel from one town to another is only authorised in case of emergency.


In case of need, please contact Ms Hedia Ben Alaoui by email, or on her mobile phone: 

Mobiles:  +216 26 303 791 or +216 98 200 242


Information provided by Budd Tunisia






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