COVID-19: Vietnam Bans Passenger Vessels

Following the news that, in a move to limit the spread of the COVID 19 outbreak, Vietnam had closed its courts up to the end of March 2020, Budd Vietnam advises that this measure has now been extended with the introduction of a 15-day period of social  distancing starting from today (1 April 2020) onwards.

In accordance with Directive 16, Vietnamese residents must stay at home and can only go out for "essential needs" such as food, medicines and urgent medical services, or to work in one of the sectors which the government has allowed to remain open.

The government has already closed many non-essential businesses such as restaurants and gyms.

Restrictions have also been placed on both international and domestic flights.

Under Directive 16, the Maritime Administration has banned all passenger vessels from operating.

No restrictions have been placed on cargo vessels.

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