COVID-19: Lockdown in Liberia

On 10 April, the Government of Liberia declared a 21-day state of emergency in four counties (Montserrado, Nimba, Grand Kru and Margibi) and put the rest of the country into a 14-day quarantine.

Only a very few essential businesses and government offices are allowed to remain open on condition that they close at 15:00 at the latest.  This measure also applies to the port of Monrovia.

Budd Liberia confirms that commercial operations involving all types of bulk cargo are continuing to take place.

Citizens have been told to stay at home for the next three weeks and only one person per household can go out on a trip of no more than one hour to buy food or for emergencies.  In the light of these restrictions, Budd’s local staff are working from home.

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