BUDD P&I Correspondent: Rouen-Le Havre, Channel & Atlantic Ports

BUDD’s Channel and Atlantic team of experienced, dedicated P&I claims handlers with considerable legal and technical expertise, are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, to attend to incidents promptly and proactively.  Their excellent relationships and experience with local authorities, port officials, terminals and receivers are key in helping to expedite the handling of cases to reduce exposure and bring about the timely and equitable settlement of claims.

Our offices in all the main ports along the Channel and Atlantic Coasts of France are manned by experienced and dedicated professionals who are well versed in local shipping practices, laws and regulations.

  • Comprehensive services to minimise your financial exposure
  • Proactive claims management.
  • LOU and bank guarantee arrangements.
  • Legal advice before court actions.
  • Appointment of surveyors and lawyers.
  • Stowaway repatriation.
  • Crew claims management.
  • Medical assistance and repatriation of crew members.

 BUDD’s quality commitment to our customers

We are always committed to delivering the highest quality standards to our customers and believe in the importance of feedback and updates for continuous improvement.

BUDD handles incidents and claims competently and professionally - all the way from the initial notification to the final conclusion.

In addition to initial guidance and advice in the aftermath of an incident, monitors and conducts marine surveys, arranges for bank guarantees, when required and proactively handles the files, provides reports regularly to the Clubs and their members.

Our experience with police authorities/embassies facilitates the successful release of vessels and disembarkation/repatriation of stowaways and assistance with medical support.

BUDD advantage:

  • Team of experienced claims handlers with strong legal and technical expertise.
  • Prompt response and feedback with preliminary findings upon urgent survey nominations.
  • Preferential rates with local surveyors and lawyers.
  • Surveyors available 24/7 and at short notice.
  • Team of surveyors with vast shore based and marine experience on-board all types of vessels.
  • Excellent relationships with local authorities and port officials help expedite case handling minimise our principals’ financial exposure.
  • Handles many varied P&I cases annually (medical assistance, stowaways, lifting of formal notices against vessel, loss of anchor).
  • Provides a full range of promptly executed and well-coordinated P&I services to Clubs, shipowners as well as chartered members.

 BUDD P&I Assistance and Investigations

  • Assisting in stowaway disembarkation, contacting local Authorities, embassies and families, interviewing stowaways, arranging travel documents.
  • Dealing with cargo claims, LOU requests, negotiating amicable cargo claim settlements whenever appropriate.
  • Handling maritime pollution incidents and personal arrest cases, preparing LOPs.
  • Resolving Customs fine cases.
  • Preparing documents/reports summaries and free translations.
  • Assisting in removing Anchors, contacting Authorities, checking with the best companies for estimates, following up anchor searches and having formal orders against vessels lifted.
  • P&I surveys/investigations.


Wiggins’ team of surveyors meets the survey needs of ship owners and charterers throughout France’s ports.

BUDD/Wiggins offer initial guidance in the aftermath of an incident. They investigate the incident, which may require surveying of the vessel, assist and provide guidance in cases of total loss, salvage, wreck removals, collisions, marine pollution, damage to cargo, hull and machinery damage, bunkers and oil shortage, charter party disputes, seaworthiness, or personal injury.

Wiggins’ surveyors can also offer supervision and leadership for ship-to-ship transfers Vessel condition assessment.

Surveys on hull, structure, cargo handling gear, hatch cover arrangements, machinery condition, and operational status of oil tankers, container ships and general cargo vessels are conducted.

Detailed reports are provided, including the statutory status of the vessel and its history.

Information about where the survey was conducted, as well as details of the vessel’s recent operational history, ports of call, cargoes carried and management/crew, is also given.

Our surveyors’ fields of expertise

Wiggins’ approved surveyors regularly conduct:

Vessel condition surveys

  • Vessel’s hold cleanliness inspection prior loading operations.
  • Superficial condition inspections for pre-purchase requirements.
  • Pre/post charter assessments.
  • Condition surveys.
  • Draft surveys.
  • Hose test surveys for cargo hold hatch covers.
  • Cargo hold cleaning supervision and guidance on-board on continuous attendance basis.
  • Passivation of stainless-steel cargo tanks/preparing cargo tanks for loading.
  • On hire/off hire condition surveys.
  • Ultrasonic testing of cargo hold hatch covers.
 Cargo surveys

  • Bunker quantity surveys.
  • Pre-loading and discharging condition surveys.
  • Wall wash tests/chemical cargo carriage.
  • Break bulk loading /discharging surveys.
  • Specialised cargo inspections.
  • Load-in/load-out and mobilisation of heavy lift and project cargo.
  • Lashing supervision and certification.
  • Super cargo for RoRo and break-bulk.
  • Cargo sampling (petroleum/other cargo).
  • Cargo tally, super cargo, cargo expeditors, pre/post shipment steel cargo surveys and other project cargo.
  • Hull & Machinery damage
  • Structural failure inspections.
  • Liquid cargo quantity and quality discrepancy.
  • Survey on root cause analysis and investigations into marine accidents including grounding, collisions and/or contact damages to fixed and floating objects.
  • Marine pollution investigations.
  • Investigation of contamination claims of various refined oil products, vegetable oils and chemicals in bulk (quantity and quality).
  • All types of container/cargo damage inspections (including reefer containers and refrigerated cargoes).
  • Ship and shore-based inspections.
  • Dry-dock preparation, supervision and upgrading vessel’s draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.
  • Cargo grab capacity testing and certification witnessed by Class.
  • Mooring master/pilot/cargo operations supervisor for ship-to-ship transfer operations involving oil tankers approved by oil majors.
  • Safety audits and Towage approval certification.
  • Oil - chemicals – gas.
  • Cargo sampling and laboratory analysis witnessing.


Fast, professional support and assistance in case of emergency from qualified staff.  Our dedicated medical assistance team works round the clock to organise doctors’ visits, daily visits to crewmembers, land and air ambulances, escorted medical evacuation, repatriation of crew members.

Our job is to find the safest and most comfortable solutions for the crew and at the same time, the least expensive for the shipowner.

We provide a full range of promptly-executed and well-coordinated medical assistance services from our offices that are strategically located at every port throughout France.

Local understanding

Our goal is to respond to any emergency that may arise, quickly and effectively, providing comprehensive and proactive medical assistance at all times.

Our excellent local knowledge and different experiences with local hospitals, local maritime authorities and embassies ensure that we can make the best arrangements for medical evacuations, doctor’s visits, air and road ambulance transportation, liaising and following-up with hospitals or clinics, hotel accommodation, special travel arrangements, visa requirements, medical escorts for crew members where necessary, and repatriation of deceased crew.

Our team ensures that the appropriate medical attention is rendered and that all arrangements are in order as and when needed. We work with a team of experienced doctors and nurses who are always at hand to attend to patients in situations where they are required to be escorted from one destination to another.


In the case of a polluted hull, the port may refuse your call, which leads to a waste of time and increased costs.

If your vessel has a polluted hull, BUDD can help find and appoint a local cleaning company for environmentally friendly hull cleaning using biodegradable products. This operation can be followed by a specialized local surveyor.

A dirt-free hull optimizes vessel performance and fuel efficiency and avoids rejection from port authorities around the world.


For further information or assistance in Rouen-Le Havre, or one of France’s Channel and Atlantic Ports, please contact:
Ms Faiza Khabouri, Regional Manager for Rouen, Channel & Atlantic Ports
Email: Faiza.khabouri@budd-pni.com, Tel: +33 (0) 276 522 028, Mobile: +33 (0) 662 727 189 

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