Escalation of Violence Feared in Ivory Coast

Yesterday, there were fears that tensions would be exacerbated in the Ivory Coast today as the Opposition party had called for all citizens to stay at home today in protest at what they consider to be the outgoing president’s constitutionally questionable third bid for election.  Those who chose to venture out onto the streets might well have faced attack.

According to Michel Bebga of Budd’s Abidjan office, a strong military and police presence on the streets today has meant that there have not yet been any major outbreaks of violence and the port is functioning normally.

The Ivory Coast’s elections are due to take place on 31 October 2020 and the outgoing president’s decision to stand for election once again has rekindled the ethnic and political conflicts which sparked the 2010-11 civil war.

Since President Ouattara announced his decision to seek a third mandate in August this year, riots have already resulted in several deaths and many injuries.  Road blocks have been set up and cars have been burnt.

Budd’s staff are working from home as far as possible.  Unfortunately, local telecommunications networks are less reliable in this pre-election period and clients should not hesitate to call Budd’s Ivory Coast staff on their mobiles.

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Information provided by Michel Bebga
Director, Budd Ivory Coast

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