Algeria: Bejaia Port Strike

Following a conflict with the port of Bejaia’s President and General Manager, port workers started an indefinite strike last week.


As a result, commercial operations have come to a halt for all vessels with the exception of oil or methane tankers.


According to Budd Algeria, the port workers’ union is demanding the Port President’s removal from office but the President is refusing to to leave unless he is forced to do so by the port’s Board of Directors.  The situation is now in deadlock insofar as the Board has not taken any decision and no progress has been made in the discussions between Management and the trade union


None of the port workers are prepared to go against their trade union’s strike orders. 


Since this situation is causing considerable losses for the port, it may take the intervention of the Ministry of Transport to end to the dispute.


Information provided by


Zakia Rahali

Budd Algeria

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