Crew Members, Non-Crew Members and Personal Injury

Crew Members, Non-Crew Members and Personal Injury

BUDD will arrange for the disembarkation of any sick, injured or deceased crew member/non-crew member, even from a vessel on the roads.

Crew & Non-Crew Members

In collaboration with the ship’s agents, the relevant hospitalisation and/or medical arrangements are made. Hospitalised crew members/non-crew members are visited and we ensure that they are able to speak to their families and are as comfortable as possible. Food, clothes, toiletries and medicine are provided as required. A full report concerning the condition of the crew member/non-crew member and the estimated medical and general repatriation costs is provided to the Club/Owner.

In the unfortunate eventuality that the crew member/non-crew member is deceased, Budd deals with all the formalities such as contacting the Consulate/Embassy, arranging an autopsy, obtaining a non-contagion report, death certificate, sealed coffin, etc. and ensures that the crew member/non-crew member is either repatriated or buried in conformity with both the local legislation and the wishes of the family and/or client.

For all repatriations, BUDD carefully checks and, if appropriate, approves all the invoices for the repatriation costs on behalf of the Club.

Personal Injury Claims

Should a claim be lodged against the insured/P&I Club, our highly qualified team of international maritime lawyers with its wealth of experience and local knowledge is available to negotiate, coordinate and advise.