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Conakry Faces Further Social Unrest

Following its relative success, further two-day protests were
announced starting on 27 and 28 February 2013 and ending only when the
opposition’s demands including the dissolution of the National Indepandant
Electoral Commission and the release of several prisoners accused of being
involved in the attempt to
assasinate the
President, are met.

According to Mario Camara, this second demonstration proved more
violent with the government’s 4000 policemen not sparing the tear gas.

It is his impression that today (1 March 2013) violence is
continuing to escalate and spread to new areas of Conakry fanned by ancient
tribal conflicts between the Malinkes and Peuhls.

Insofar as the port is situated on a peninsula near the
President’s residence (Kaloum), it is in a heavily-guarded area with restricted
access and there are no threats to its security at the present time. 
Indeed, it is unlikely that the port will ever be attacked because according to
traditional local beliefs, any forced entry into Kaloum would spell disaster
for Conakry as a whole.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mario
Camara :,
Mobiles :+224 64 20 93 11, +224 67 25 37 37 or +224 68 25 58 34

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