COVID-19: Preventive Measures in Cotonou, Benin

2 April 2020

In a circular dated 27 March
, Cotonou’s Harbour Master informed all port stakeholders and users that the
following measures had been introduced to limit the COVID-19 outbreak:

Health Inspections

48 hours before the vessel’s expected
time of arrival
in Cotonou, the Captain must transmit the
following documents to the Harbour Master via his ship agent:

  • List of the last ten (10)
    ports of call.
  • A crew health declaration
    including the Master
  • Crew list.

If the above requirement is
not met, the vessel will not be authorized to berth.

Once the vessel has berthed,
Ministry of Health inspectors will board the ship to carry out a health

No one will
be authorized to board or disembark from the vessel before completion of the
health inspection and issuance of Free Pratique by the health inspectors.

2.  Restrictions on Movements of Individuals

  • While the vessel is in the
    port of Cotonou, crew members are no longer allowed to go ashore.  Therefore, the issuance of shore passes has
    been suspended.
  • Crew changes either in port or
    at anchorage have been suspended.
  • Any crew member who embarked
    less than 14 days before the vessel’s arrival in Cotonou must self-quarantine
    on board the vessel.
  • All cruise and passenger
    vessels are banned until further notice.

3.  Protection of Staff in Port

All port operators must
implement the protective measures introduced by the Beninese government.

Cotonou Port environmental inspectors will carry out inspections to ensure
that all these measures are being applied.

Information provided by

Budd Benin

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