Gabonese Ports Unscathed by Riots

Despite the post-election riots which resulted in several deaths and over a thousand arrests over the last few days, Budd’s Gabon office advises that the country’s ports (Libreville, Owendo and Port Gentil) are working normally and remain safe for both vessels and their crews.

As per usual, all vessels calling in Gabon for more than 24 hours must obtain shore passes for all non-Gabonese crew members who do not already have visas.  Similarly, the usual Gabonese PSC requirements still apply.

Although the streets seem calmer following Jean Ping, the opposition leader’s, call for a general strike, our local office recommends caution to anyone who needs to leave the ports after office hours as the situation is still volatile.

 After a five-day cut, internet is now functionning intermittently.

As ever, our French offices will continue to monitor emails copied to but in case of emergency, please do not hesitate to call either Ms Raissa Ndong (Budd Gabon), mobile:  +241 04 28 01 10 or the Budd Group Emergency no. +33 (0)1 84 88 08 41.

Thank you.

Source:  Raissa Ndong, Budd Gabon

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