Gambia: New Stowaway Measures

Budd Gambia reports that at the 6 January berthing meeting in the port of Banul, it was announced that in the interest
of the safety of both stowaways and the Government
officials involved in their disembarkation, the
following measures would  apply with immediate effect:-

1)    Seventy-six hour notice to be given to all the officials concerned with a request for clearance
to disembark stowaway.

All vessels/ ships with
stowaways shall proceed to the inner anchorage at Banjul instead of the Fairway
Buoy as was the previous practice. Port Control will give direction regarding
position of anchorage at Banjul roadstead.

Rule 2) above will
attract additional charges in terms of  the following:-

        Buoy and Light dues
        Pilot and Harbour dues
        Hire of pilot boat
        Payment to Immigration for handing the
        Payment of Port health and Interpol officials
sea risk allowances.
        Payment of Atlantic Boarding out sea risk
        Payment for food/victuals, clothing and travel
bag for stowaway.

In the light of the foregoing, every ship seeking to disembark stowaways Banjul must furnish the Agent with the vessel’s GT and NT
and her arrival draught.

As an indication of the new level of costs, in a January 2016 stowaway case the disembarkation charges were calculated as follows:

NT of vessel x 0.28 Euros = NT 4796 X 0.28Euros =                                         Euros

Pilot inwards and outwards from Buoy No:5 to anchorage Euros 170 X 2         Euros     340.00

Charges                                                                                                       Euros     237.50

                                                                                              Euros 1,920. 38 

All charges have to be paid upfront.

In case of need please do not hesitate to contact:

Abou Jallow
Budd Gambia
Tel: +220-4463323/4228439



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