West Africa – It’s raining (hard) again

Many of our colleagues in Budd's West African offices report that the rainy season has hit hard this year, resulting in: stoppages in cargo operations power and...

Guinea: Boké Riots Disrupt Bauxite Transport

When riots first started in the mining town of Boke, Guinea, on 12 September 2017, there was no direct effect on the port of Kamsar.

However, as violence escalated in the region, public buildings were burnt down and on 19 September protestors blockaded roads and railway tracks, thereby preventing trains carrying bauxite from the extraction zone from reaching Kamsar. The activities of the Compagnie Bauxite de Guinée (the national bauxite mining company) were also brought to a halt.

On 21 September, the riots were suspended but the bauxite stock in the port of Kamsar had been exhausted and this is continuing to create delays in loading bauxite in the port.

Although at least two people were killed and tens of people were injured in the protests over unreliable electricity and water supplies, there were never any security issues for vessels calling in Kamsar which remains the safest port in Guinea.

We shall continue to monitor the situation which is still tense.

Information provided by Mr Fodé Mario Camara, Budd Guinea

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