Guinea: Civil Unrest in Conakry

The Capital of Conakry has been under high political tension/instability since yesterday evening due to conflict between the Government which first came to power as a result of a military coup in 2021, and the FNDC (Front National pour la Défense de la Constitution) which the Government officially outlawed in August 2022.  The demonstrators’ demands include the release of political detainees.

Leaders and supporters of the demonstrators have taken over the main streets of Conakry. They are burning tyres, blocking the traffic, and hurling stones at moving vehicles. 

At numerous strategic locations within Conakry, protestors are being violently pushed back by the Police and the Gendarmerie (military police).

There are no reports of trouble outside Conakry and the well-secured Conakry port remains open.

Information provided by Youssouf Sankhon, Deputy Manager Budd Guinea




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