Guinea: Civil Unrest in Conakry

The Capital of Conakry has been under high political tension/instability since yesterday evening due to conflict between the Government which first came to power as a...

Guinea: Fuel Shortages & Political Protests

Fuel shortages are currently being experienced throughout Guinea.

They are affecting both road and sea transport.

Many petrol stations are closed.  It is also becoming increasingly difficult for pilot boats, tugs and launches to find fuel.

This may prove particularly problematic for surveyors and any other parties who need to reach vessels at sea (e.g. loading mineral ores such as bauxite at anchorage Kamsar, Cape Verga or Boffa).

Fuel scarcity has resulted in increased charges and this is likely to be reflected in the already-high pilot boat and tug charges.

The government has advised that three tankers are at anchorage waiting to discharge fuel and that the banking problem which is preventing them from discharging their cargoes will be resolved within a day or so.In this difficult climate, the country’s the “Front National pour la Défense de la Constitution” (National Front for the Defense of the Constitution) has announced protests against the Junta’s plan to extend the period of military rule on Thursday (23 June).  Negotiations are underway but if the protest takes place it may result in civil strife and disruptions.  We would recommend that crew members refrain from leaving the ports if such is the case.

Information provided by Youssouf Sankhon of Budd Guinea (

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