West Africa – It’s raining (hard) again

Many of our colleagues in Budd's West African offices report that the rainy season has hit hard this year, resulting in: stoppages in cargo operations power and...

Guinea: Riots Mark 2nd Anniversary of Putsch

Since yesterday evening, many areas within the capital Conakry are under high political tension/instability because of violent clashes between the government and military police forces and members of Guinea’s “Forces Vives” (in English “Active Forces”), an umbrella opposition organisation comprising supporters of the popular opposition parties and other civilian groups.

Although all demonstrations had been officially banned, the Forces Vives chose the second anniversary of the putsch which brought the current government to power on 5 September 2021, to protest against continuing non-elected military rule.

Roadblocks, stone throwing, burning of tyres in the streets and confrontations between the police and the Forces Vives took place at strategic locations within the capital of Conakry, creating a security risk for citizens.   As a result, apart from in the ports, all commercial and public sector activities were paralyzed today.

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