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New Bauxite Facilities in Guinea

As the bauxite mining industry continues to grow, Budd’s
Guinea office reports on a few of the latest developments.


The Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG) has extended
facilities in the port of Kamsar by creating a second mineral berth.  It is now possible for two vessels to load
bauxite concomitantly.


Another mining site has been established near Boffa, at
Bel Air.

Loading operations in this area are always carried out
offshore.  Vessels anchor at sea and
motorized barges or barges with outboard motors carry the bauxite to the vessel
for loading operations at anchorage.

For now, two 10,000 metric ton barges are operation, with
two tug boats managed by SMT-SHIPPING.


The Russians have recently inaugurated a mining site in
the Boke district, with an offshore programme. They use the same
Sangredi/Kamsar train line as CBG but with a deviation into their port


Guinea Alumina Corporation ( GAC) has recently inaugurated their
much talked about bauxite shipping site at Kamsar, Prefecture of Boke. Their
mining site is at Gangan but bauxite will be transported on wagons from the
mining site of Gangan to Kamsar on the CBG train line but with a deviation into
their site. Operations will commence soon.

Information provided by Budd Guinea

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