West Africa – It’s raining (hard) again

Many of our colleagues in Budd's West African offices report that the rainy season has hit hard this year, resulting in: stoppages in cargo operations power and...

Noumea’s Port and Airport Closed

Since 13 May 2024, New Caledonia, a French territory sui generis, has been facing its most serious crisis since 1980. It started when Parliament’s vote to reform regional elections led to claims by New Caledonia’s pro-Independence party that the measures would marginalise the indigenous Kanak population.

In the ensuing riots, seven people were killed and hundreds  injured.  Damage to property is estimated at one billion Euros.

Although the state of emergency has now been lifted, and the security forces have cleared most of the barricades in the country’s capital, Noumea, the following measures remain in place:

  • Curfew from 18:00 to 06:00 (except for health emergencies).
  • Ban on carrying arms or alcohol.
  • Schools closed until mid-June at the earliest.
  • Closure of the Port of Noumea with no trucks allowed to enter the port and no vessels able to load or discharge cargo.
  • Suspension of all commercial flights at the international airport of La Tontouta until further notice.

In addition to the human and financial cost, the ongoing unrest in Noumea has caused significant disruption to the maritime and air transportation sectors.

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