Port of Freetown Open after Sierra Leone Curfew

Following Sierra-Leone’s 3 day Ebola curfew from 19-21 September, our local office has confirmed that the port of Freetown duly re-opened for business as planned.

This week’s government decision to quarantine an additional three districts of Sierra Leone and several chiefdoms (much smaller areas) after house visits carried out during the curfew revealed 130 new cases of suspected  Ebola, does not concern Freetown.

The newly-quarantined districts are:

– Port Loko
and Bombali
in the North 

– Moyamba
in the South 

In the East of Sierra Leone, Kenema and Kailahun have been in quarantine since August this year.  Over one third of the 6.1 million population of Sierra Leone is now unable to circulate freely within the country.

The districts mentioned above are shown on the latest Center for Disease Control Ebola outbreak distribution map of the three countries where there is active transmission of Ebola:  Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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