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Senegal: Election Postponement Sparks Protests

As widely reported in the press, the decision to postpone Senegal’s Presidential elections just three weeks before their scheduled date has raised concerns about the integrity of Senegal’s long-standing democracy.

Even before the announcement of the postponement on Monday, February 5, business premises in the capital city of Dakar began to empty as people sought to avoid potential unrest. Following the confirmation of the ten-month delay, protests promptly erupted across the city.  At least 150 people were arrested in two days.

From Monday until yesterday afternoon (February 7), the authorities imposed restrictions on mobile internet services, making it impossible for our colleagues to access emails on their mobile phones without WiFi connections.

Budd Senegal reports that smaller, sporadic protests continue to erupt in various neighborhoods of Dakar. They caution seafarers in Dakar to be vigilant, as certain areas may pose risks due to ongoing demonstrations.

The protests are also causing delays for vessels discharging cargo at the port of Dakar, as trucks travelling to and from the port are forced to take alternative routes to avoid the demonstrations.

Information provided by Samba Fall of Budd Senegal,

For further information about the current situation in Senegal, the BBC has published this article.

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