Senegal: from Election Day to Judicial Standoff

February’s Unrest:

Senegal’s political scene faced turbulence in February when the presidential election postponement sparked protests in Dakar. Within two days, authorities arrested at least 150 individuals. As reported previously by Budd Senegal, these demonstrations also caused disruptions to cargo operations at the important port of Dakar.

March Brings New Leadership and Calmer Streets:

Thankfully, normalcy returned with the successful holding of the presidential elections on 3 March 2024 following which Mr. Bassirou Diomaye Faye became the new head of state on 25 March 2024. Compared to a few months ago, the streets of Senegal appear to have returned to a state of calm.

However, Challenges Remain in the Judicial System:

While the situation on the streets seems to have stabilized, the Senegalese judicial system is facing its own challenge. Clerks have been on strike since the beginning of the year, initially demanding salary increases. The situation escalated further in February when one of their colleagues was arrested.

Strike Continues Despite Release:

Although their colleague was released on 14 March, resolving the initial secondary concern, the clerks continue their strike for better wages. This ongoing action has significantly impacted the Senegalese judicial system, leading to postponements of court hearings and trials.

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