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Senegal: Rice Imports May Resume

suspension of rice imports announced on 29 September 2016, may be about to end
following an agreement reached between the Senegalese government and local rice
importers on 10 November.

The ban was
implemented to help redress the balance of trade and encourage the sale of
Senegalese rice.

At the 10
November meeting, Senegal’s rice importers agreed to purchase domestic rice
stocks and it is thought that this will enable rice imports to resume.

Most people
in Senegal prefer imported rice and the ban led to allegations that rice that
had already been imported was being stockpiled until prices rose, along with fears
that there would not be enough imported rice for the Magal holiday on 19
November when thousands of tons will be required for the shared meals which are
inherent to the celebrations.

provided by Budd Senegal

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