Ships Needed for Emergency Services Training Exercises

Marseille's Marins Pompiers in Action


Naval Fire Brigade (les Marins Pompiers) is offering the opportunity for
vessels calling in the ports of Marseille-Fos to participate in fire and
rescue training exercises.


Naval Fire Brigade carries out all types of fire and rescue operation on
board vessels in Marseille-Fos, whether they are in the ports, on the roads,
or in the Western Harbour.


port’s Naval Fire Brigade operates from two sites:


  • the
    "SM Gaulier" fire-fighting and rescue centre in Port de Bouc and
  • the
    "Officier en Chef Godard" outpost on the Graveleau Breakwater.

provides an autonomous first response to all emergencies.


In case
of need, reinforcements are called in from the barracks based in the town of
Marseille where they habitually provide emergency medical and fire-fighting
assistance to the local population.


In the
ports, the Naval Fire Brigade

  • Handles
    emergency operations, coordinating with vessel officers, port authorities,
    tugs and support services during interventions on board vessels (fires, water
    ingress, "technological" incidents, etc.);
  • Takes
    charge of accident victims in berth or on the roads;
  • Carries
    out oil spill clean-up operations.


optimize effective assistance to vessels calling in Marseille-Fos and perfect
their knowledge of the maritime milieu, the Naval Fire Brigade is looking for
volunteer vessels of all types to participate in accident simulations.


simulations provide an excellent opportunity for ships and their crews to
familiarize themselves with safety and emergency procedures in a given
situation, as well as to obtain answers to their queries.


In the
unfortunate event that a real emergency occurs, vessels have a better
understanding both of emergency procedures in French ports and the vital
first steps to contain the incident.


is never any obligation to participate and vessels may be assured that the
Naval Fire Brigade’s only concern is to improve their skills, save lives, and
protect the environment.  It does not carry out inspections or report
suspected deficiencies.


Budd, we believe that participating in an emergency simulation contributes to
safety at sea and can make a major contribution to loss prevention, both in
material and human terms.


do not hesitate to let Budd Marseille-Fos (FAO Jean-Pierre Perrillat,, Tel: 
+33 (0)491 33 58 33) know in good time if your assured or vessel would like
to volunteer for a training exercise in Marseille-Fos.  We shall then
contact Marseille’s Naval Fire Brigade so that they can make the necessary
arrangements in due course.





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