Traffic in and around Lagos ports

The roads surrounding and leading to
the town of Apapa, which sits between the two seaports in Lagos, are under

The entrances/exits to the town
[Ijora and Mile Two] have been barricaded by oil tankers/articulated trucks, thus
effectively making Apapa in-accessible, and causing immense inconvenience to
the town and its population.

Apapa is a commercial and industrial
hub in Lagos. Access to both ports is normally very simple, yet the chaotic
gridlock around and beyond Apapa/Lagos ports has affected business operations.

A normal 30-minute drive now takes
between 4 to 6 hours due to the gridlock along on this route, thereby making
the price of transportation and the cost of doing business extremely high
around this area.

If you have any queries
regarding vessels approaching Nigerian ports or ports and how they might be
affected by these activities, please do not hesitate to contact Budd Indonesia or

All contact details for Budd
Offices can be found on our website or on the Budd App, available for download on the App
Store and Google Play.

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