Happy Eid Al Adha

With best wishes to our Muslim colleagues and clients around the world for this special long weekend.  May it be a time of joy for you and your families.  ...

Happy Memories

Just one year and one day ago, we had the immense pleasure of spending time together over a few days in Paris and hosting our clients at Budd’s 170th Anniversary celebrations.  Happy memories!

We take this opportunity to wish our guests and our colleagues around the world health and happiness.

Only a few years to wait for the 180th Anniversary!

BUDD Group Celebrates 170th Anniversary in Style

On 3 June 2023, the staff of the Budd Group from approximately 26 countries around the world gathered in Paris to celebrate the company’s 170th anniversary. The event was attended by friends and clients from the maritime industry, creating a memorable and joyous occasion.

The festivities began with a private cruise along the Seine River aboard the elegant MY Excellence, a beautiful 53-meter yacht featuring spacious decks, mahogany woodwork, and polished brass fittings. Against a backdrop of clear blue skies, guests enjoyed breathtaking views of Paris’ iconic landmarks while sipping champagne and engaging in conversations with both old and new acquaintances.

Upon their return to the quayside, a luxury coach awaited the passengers to transport them to the renowned Champs Elysées, allowing them ample time to prepare for the evening’s main event at the exclusive Travellers private gentlemen’s club.

Inside the club’s opulent setting, adorned with marble, gold accents, and intricately painted ceilings, James Budd, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Budd Group, addressed assembled guests.

As a member of the sixth generation of the Budd family leading the company, he warmly welcomed everyone and provided a brief overview of the Budd Group’s evolution. Starting as a ship agent in Marseille with Anglo-French origins, the company became a Correspondent to the first ever P&I clubs -Messrs. Thos. R. Miller & Messrs. John Holman & Sons and now assists all the major maritime insurers in over 30 countries across four continents—Africa, Europe, the Far East, and Oceania—many of which were represented at the celebration.

In a continuation of the family legacy, James then passed the floor to his son, Benjamin Budd, who assumed the role of Deputy Director last year. Benjamin expressed his commitment to building upon the achievements of his ancestors, ensuring the company’s longevity, and eagerly looked forward to celebrating the Budd Group’s 200th anniversary in 2050.

After an enjoyable time mingling on the terrace, guests were escorted up the grand marble staircase to the dining room, where they delighted in a delectable dinner accompanied by fine Burgundy wines. The evening culminated with guests taking to the dance floor, swinging and rocking to the timeless tunes performed live by Laurent and his jazz band.

The Budd Group’s 170th anniversary celebration in Paris was a significant milestone that will be remembered as a noteworthy event in the company’s history.

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