Abidjan: Sludge Sanctions in Sight

Earlier this month, the Port of Abidjan reminded ship agents that in accordance with 21 April 1999 decree no. 99-318 on Abidjan's Port Police regulations, the so-called...

Sierra Leone: Curfew Imposed

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Myanmar Today

Following the extension of emergency Military rule up to 2023 and last week’s execution of four pro-democracy activists, Budd Myanmar reports on the country’s situation.

There are accounts of explosions in Yangoon and of gunfire in some districts outside the downtown area.   For safety reasons, many people avoid going out after 6 pm.

We also understand that the requirement for trade licences has been considerably extended and this, combined with difficulties in obtaining US dollars, is proving problematic for the local economy.

Despite these obstacles, Budd Myanmar is still able to arrange surveys and assist vessels.

Sarah Penwarden, Budd Marseille-Fos  (




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