Senegal: Electronic CTN’s Mandatory from 1 March 2019

Budd’s Dakar office has provided us with this circular received from the Senegalese Council of
and advising that
from 1 March
2019, all cargoes imported into the
country will have to be identified by an electronic Container Tracking Note
(CTN) number or
Bordereau Electronique de
Suivi des Cargaisons (BESC)
.  Our
translation of the circular is to be found here

CTN’s can be purchased on COSEC’s dedicated portal:

COSEC’s website currently indicates the following pre-tax

The shipper will be
responsible for purchasing the CTN and ensuring that its number is shown on
both the Bill of Lading and the cargo manifest. 
If these conditions are not met, the shipper will face fines and
increased costs.

It is also possible that shipowners
will refuse to load cargo that does not have an electronic CTN number.

Information provided by Budd Senegal

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