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Year: 2014

Ebola on the Ground

In a message received this morning, the Area Manager of our Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia offices describes the situation which he and his colleagues are facing in their respective countries.

French Citizens Prime Targets for Kidnappers

According to an article which recently appeared in the New York Times, France may well have unwittingly become the principle source of funds for Al Qaeda while French nationals have become the preferred kidnap victims.

Algiers Earthquake Update

​After Friday’s earthquake at sea, it seems that Algeria was spared the much-feared strong after-shocks (see our 1 August bulletin).

Earthquake off Algiers

Early this morning we received an email from Zakia Rahali of our Algiers office advising us that an earthquake of a magnitude of 5.6 occurred at around 04:11 local time this morning off the coast of Algiers.

Ebola in West Africa – July 2014

Fears that the Ebola virus would spread with migrant workers crossing Sierra Leone and Liberia’s frontiers with neighbouring Guinea seem most regretfully to have been justified. The number of confirmed cases in Sierra Leone is now comparable to those in Guinea at between 300 and 400. Another 84 cases have been confirmed in Liberia.

Ebola Update – 8 April 2014

In Guinea, the Ebola epidemic has now spread to Conakry where a total of 15 cases and four deaths were reported on 2 April 2014.

Ebola Virus Strikes Guinea

According to Guinea’s Ministry of Health, the incurable Ebola virus has caused 61 deaths in the remote N’zerekore region on the Guinea/ Ivory Coast border.

Tunisia’s Remarkable Achievement

We were heartened to read this balanced and positive article in the New York Times. Despite the obvious challenges, Tunisia has succeeded in laying the groundwork for a society based on democracy and freedom.