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Year: 2020

Tunisia: Crew Changes Authorised

Tunisia’s Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports has authorised the embarkation and disembarkation of foreign crew members.

Mozambique: Crew Changes Now Possible

In a circular dated 4 December, the Maputo’s Harbour Master advised that crew changes would henceforth be possible in the terminals of Maputo and Matola.

Tunisia: La Skihira Back in Business

Following negotiations with the regional authorities, the protest movement in La Skhira has come to an end and activity has recommenced in the industrial zone of La Skhira as well as the oil and chemical terminals of TRAPSA, Groupe Chimique Tunisien, TIF

Tunisia: Port and Court Strikes

Port of Gabes
The strikes which started in November continue (see our article of 22 November 2020). The port is at a standstill and no vessels are calling there.

Tunisia: Gabes Port at Standstill

Budd Tunisia advises that following strikes and ensuing riots which started on 11 November 2020, protestors have brought all commerical activity in the port of Gabes to a halt.

Escalation of Violence Feared in Ivory Coast

Yesterday, there were fears that tensions would be exacerbated in the Ivory Coast today as the Opposition party has called for all citizens to stay at home in protest at what they consider to be the outgoing president’s constitutionally questionable third bid for election.

No Land Access to Conakry Port

The Kaloum district in Conakry (Guinea), where the port, the presidential palace and parliament are situated, is under tight security due to the imminent Presidential elections.

Budd’s Staff and surveyors have been unable to access the port from this morning (16 October 2020).

BUDD P&I Correspondent: Rouen-Le Havre, Channel & Atlantic Ports

BUDD’s Channel and Atlantic team of experienced, dedicated P&I claims handlers with considerable legal and technical expertise, are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, to attend to incidents promptly and proactively. Their excellent relationships and experience with local authorities, port officials, terminals and receivers are key in helping to expedite the handling of cases to reduce exposure and bring about the timely and equitable settlement of claims.