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Year: 2023

Senegal: 9 Deaths in Riots

View of Dakar motorway in the afternoon  of 1 June 2023 Following the 2-year sentence of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko,...

Customs Fines and Immigration Controls in Senegal

24/02/23 Customs Fines In recent years, Customs fines in Dakar have become both more frequent and more expensive.  Fines of several hundred thousand US dollars are commonplace and in one case, a fine of one million US dollars was levied....

Guinea: Civil Unrest in Conakry

The Capital of Conakry has been under high political tension/instability since yesterday evening due to conflict between the Government which first came to power as a result of a military coup in 2021, and the FNDC (Front National pour la Défense...

Happy Lunar New Year

A special thought for all our clients and colleagues who are celebrating the Lunar New Year