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Year: 2018

New Bauxite Facilities in Guinea

As the bauxite mining industry continues to grow, Budd’s Guinea office reports on a few of the latest developments.

China Sulphur Emission Control Requirements Updated

Earlier this month, the China Maritime Safety Administration published a further notice on the implementation of the low sulphur fuel requirement in the Emission Control Areas (ECAs). The ECAs have been expanded to include all Chinese waters, including not only all the coastal ports but also the inland waterways on the Changjiang and Xijiang rivers.

Budd China Extends its Services

We are pleased to advise that, in addition to the P&I, H&M, protecting, emergency, legal and surveying services which Budd has been providing in China for many years, we are now able to place Letters of Guarantee through one of China’s main insurance companies.

Nigeria: General Strike Over

Budd’s Nigeria office reports that the general strike which commenced on 27 September is now over.

Tug Stoppage in Marseille-Fos 28 September 2018

Marseille-Fos’ tug operator, Boluda, has advised all local ship agents that on 28 September 2018, there will be no tug service in the ports of:
Fos and Port de Bouc from 06:00 to 13:00
Marseille from 07:00 to 13:00

Indonesia Back-Pedals on Regulation 82/2017

After postponing implementation of the stipulation under Regulation 82/2017 that only Indonesian-controlled vessels could be used for the export of coal and crude palm oil, or for the import of rice and government procurement products, from 1 May 2018 to 2020, the Indonesian government has now decided to abandon it completely.